A sunny day on the Ben!

Today I was working for Maximum Adventure taking Richard, Mariana and Elizabeth to the summit of the Ben.  We left just after 9am and started to make our way up.  With the sun out it was hot but as we neared Half way Lochan the temperature started to drop.  We made good progress up to the zig zag section where the season changed from summer to winter.  With snow on the ground and a few flurries falling it could have been the Alps.  The at lunch time we made the top!  And there were views!  There is still about 2 meters of snow around and big cornices on the edge of the north face, but with 360 degree views it was a good day to summit.  After a few photos we turned and headed down again making good progress while being passed by 3 peak challengers just stating up.  At 5pm we got back to the YHA with a successful day and good weather.

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