Glen Nevis

Today Jo and myself went down the Glen to do a few routes and for Jo and to practice rescues.  First we headed up Flying Dutchman (VS 4C) where on the first pitch I set up an unassisted hoist and then Jo led through and I climbed the last pitch.

We then headed over to South West buttress and Jo led up the first half of Tear (HS 4b) and the last section of Diagonal (HVS 5a) to set up a traverse rescue. I then pretended to be unconscious (not that hard in the sun) and he had to escape the system and then set a new belay above me to the lower me to the floor.  We both made it through and then finished the route to get the gear back.

Finally we headed up to Secretaries buttress and I led the first pitch of Supper Direct (HVS 4c) and then Jo led the 5a pitch.  To finish off the day I then led the Severe Direct route and Jo came up in his boots.

A good day in the sun, without any midges.

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