Day 2, Teaching climbing

Yesterday Mike, Kelly and myself met with a sunny day ahead of us.  We headed up to Tryfan to climb one of the scrambles up to the summit starting on Heather terrace but with the sun still shining Kelly wasn’t comfortable with the ground that we were covering.  So after digging deep she made the sensible decision to turn round and try the North ridge.  After having a good go at some of the scrambling sections on the ridge she still wasn’t completely comfortable but keen to carry on up, but with time ticking on it was best to head down.

We then headed over to Little Tryfan and myself and Mike climbed Crack 4 (Diff) in the middle of the face, where Mike found the climbing easier but wasn’t so sure about the hanging belay half way up.  He was getting the hang of taking gear out and belaying and climbing well.  At the top he rigged a belay and we ab’ed off leaving the rope up.  We then climbed Central Slab Route (VDiff), a different type of route that went up the face of the slab rather than a crack line, so finding holds is a little trickier and balance is more important.  At another hanging belay Mike did well trusting the gear and belaying me up even though he was a bit unsure.  We then topped out at our last ab site and attached the ropes together and ab’ed off again, then pulled the ropes down.

A good few days introduction to climbing and lucky with the dry weather.

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