Scrambling and Rescues

Today I headed into the Ogwen Valley and scrambled up the grade 3 of Tryfan Bach (little Tryfan) with good views across to the mountains but understandably very polished being behind a campsite and next to the main road.  I then headed round to Milestone buttress and spent the afternoon practicing rescues on my rucksack.

I went through escaping the belay system and descending down to the second, ascending back up and setting up an unassisted hoist.  I then went through setting up an assisted hoist and then an unassisted hoist without escaping the system.  Finally before my fingers got too cold and before I got any more strange looks from people walking up the path I went through a counter-balance abseil to then eventually descend with the second to the floor or to another belay stance.

A productive day and feeling refreshed before the next 2 days of climbing with Kelly and Mike.

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