Heat Wave, Glen Nevis

After an extended period off letting my foot recover Martyn, Freda, Marachel and myself headed for an afternoon climb in Glen Nevis in the sun yesterday.  Martyn and Freda headed off up Vampire on Cavalry Crack Buttress, while Marachel and myself started on Heatwave which I thought would be good for her first climb on rock.  She had been climbing indoors a bit in the Ice Factor but this was her introduction to rock climbing.We covered tying on, climbing calls, belaying a leader and taking gear out.  She did well on the first slabby ramp up to the belay in an airy position.  I then headed round the corner and bumped into Martyn by the 2 pine trees with Freda out of sight above.  By now Marachel was on her second pitch on rock and traversing round under the small roof to make herself comfortable by the pine trees.  By now she was getting into the rhythm of flaking the ropes and tying onto the belay with a clove hitch and handing the gear over.

The next 2 pitches were classic Glen Nevis slab: moving up on quartz holds and small edges.  You don’t get that indoors.  By now the wind had picked up a bit and we reached the top in the sun with a big smile on our faces.

Claire then joined us and I headed up the first pitch of Drizzle to belay on the Pine tree and Claire made a good go at getting up, where we then ab’ed back down.  Not bad for an afternoon.  And better still the tendon in my foot is still attached!

Marachel on the first pitch

The last pitch

Martyn and Freda on Storm

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