Ben Alder exped, day 2.

When we awoke we were all feeling tired and stiff from the day before and none of us were making any quick attempts to have an early, prompt start.  We made breakfast and had tea listening to the wind outside and feeling the gusts move the walls of the bothy.  Both Lena and Han went out ‘to seek nature’ and came back with reports of very strong gusts of wind and lots of snow being blown around.

We mused with the idea of doing a day walk up Carn Dearg and back to the bothy, but with the strong wind, it was only going to be stronger at 11oom, and none of use had the urge to wade through deep drifts again.  So after much deliberation we decided to head out north past Loch Pattack to the road and try to get back to the car at Tulloch station.

We left about midday in strong wind and blizzards, it seemed more like the Arctic than Scotland.  The going was slightly easier on the track but the snow was still deep.  We were making ok progress and after 5km the best view of the day was tire tracks on the track that made the way clear for the next 8km.

We had a bit of fortune as Scot and Ken had been climbing in the Cairngorms and were passing at about the same time as we were going to hit the road, so they gave us a lift to the station to get Lena’s car.

A very tiring start to the winter season but equally fulfilling.

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