Day 6/7 MIA training

The last two days have been spent focusing upon scrambling techniques.  We started yesterday by refreshing ML rope work techniques below Dinas Cromlech and then headed up Castle gully past the crag using short pitches.  On the top of the crag we went through taking chest coils and short roping 1 person over rocky ground and tested the holding strength of various techniques. 

We then headed over to the top of Carreg Wastad and short roped people down the broken ground round the crag.  At the end of the day we went through the techniques of having two people to short rope.  The rain then started to fall so we headed back to the centre and went for a boulder in the wall and after dinner went through  a few rescues.

Today we headed to Idwall slabs and headed up Idwall staircase using short pitches and direct belays through to slings and Italian hitches.  Towards the top of the slabs we short roped our way up the broken ground to the top.  After lunch we then undertook the propersitionof short roping people down steep ground.  This I found took a lot more judgement in choosing the right position to belay and the correct length of the short pitch.

We then  had an evening session on rigging a static line in preparation for our adventure day tomorrow at the sea cliffs.  With the weather still holding we went for a boulder in Llanberis pass at the Cromlech boulders before the light faded and we couldn’t see the foot holds.

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