Day 5 MIA training

Half way through the course and still managing a cooked breakfast and 2 pieces of cake a day.  Today was improvised rescues day at Tremadog.  We started off the day by climbing Striptease.  A good 5a 1st pitch and I ‘couldn’t get past the crux’ so other Dave had to set up an assisted hoist to get me over and then carry on belaying me the rest of the pitch.  I then lead off on the 4c pitch and set up a belay and awaited my problems.  1st of all Dave couldn’t undo his crab on the belay, which was simply solved by threading the rope through the knot back to his harness.  Dave then climbed the wrong way round the tree in the middle of the pitch, so I had to drop a rope down to lower him before putting him back on belay to continue with the route.

We then went through counter-balance abseils and setting up an unassisted hoist.  After dinner we went back into the practice wall and ran through another way of setting up a counterbalance ab, how to pass a knot after you have started lowering and a counterbalance ab with an intermediate belay and then lowering again, which was made harder by the fire alarm going off but we were a bit tied up.

All in all a good day.

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