Day 4 MIA training

Today was another day about teaching climbing and personal climbing.  We headed to Milestone Buttress and I lead the first 2 pitches of Super Direct.  It is a really good route with some very good layback moves at the start and then some delicate climbing on the arête.  After we set up a stacked abseil and lowered al the way back to the floor.  All with Phil’s time pressures of half and hour per pitch.

We then went onto Direct route at VD to teach climbing in parallel.  Phil also wanted a speedy ascent as it was easier ground to show that time spent climbing by us is time away from the client’s climbing time.  1 hour, 2 pitches and an ab later we were back at the bottom.

Jo then lead up a Diff to set up a static line to simulate teaching someone how to lead climb.  I ‘lead’ up with Jo jugging up alongside me.  We then swapped over and I had a go on the static line.

All in all a productive day which was helped by some good weather which is set to change for tomorrow.

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