Day 3 MIA training

Today was about multi-pitch teaching, so we all headed to Clogwyn yr Oen which has a good wide range of v diffs and severe climbs.  We headed up in 3s being shown how to use the best teaching topics whilst climbing and how future clients can get the most out of the day.  Some very good top tips were picked up and 6 pitches of climbing and an abseil decent later we were heading back to the bus.

After tea and cakes we headed indoors to practice ascending a fixed line when someone is climbing next to you on another rope when lead climbing.  This we did by using a grigri and an ascender in partnership.

After dinner we all headed into the indoor training wall to practice our rescue techniques that we had been shown 2 days ago.  With a bit of hard thinking it came back to me slowly and my bag was eventually rescued from the wall and lowered back down past a knot.  A productive day.

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