Day 2 mia training

Today we had a day based at the centre going through how to solve problems. We started off with tieing off the belay plate and then escaping the belay system so we can descend the rope to our partner. We then moved onto ascending and hopefully descending a rope.

After lunch we headed to the indoor wall to practice escaping the system again and the setting up an assisted hoist and then an unassisted hoist. My mind was just about getting frazzled by now and we still covered lowering past a knot,a counterbalance ab and how to do multiple abs. By this point everyone was a bit spaced out so we called it a day.

After dinner a few of us drove the short distance for a bit of bouldering at the RAC boulders and to clear the head.  The test will come when we have to repeat the systems learnt today on a crag in a few days time.

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