Sron na Lairig

Yesterday myself, Spike and Paul headed up the Lairig Eilde at the east end of Glen Coe with the view of scrambling up Sron na Lairig.  This as a  grade 1/2 ridge facing north east that ends up on the south east ridge of Stob Coire Sgreamhach.  After a gentle walk up the valley we turned off west towards the ridge.

Spike and Paul continued walking up to a point a bit higher on the ridge and I broke off and started scrambling from the bottom to meet them higher up.  The scrambling starts with a 15 meter slab, that is very clean for its remote location and gives good grade 2 scrambling on excellent rock.  The scrambling then heads onto the ridge proper with a few grassy areas in between  but all very good and clean.

I then met Spike and Paul below the pinnacle section on a large grassy terrace to gear up and to start the scrambling with them.  Spike gave me the opportunity to lead Paul up the ridge with himself soloing around (mostly taking photos) and offering advice and tips.  This was a great opportunity for me to practice first hand the short roping skills and decision making of when to move together and when to pitch.

The ground is very broken and there is a worn path but its a case of make your own way.  I pitched the first few more consequential sections and then we moved together for most of the way.  Moving higher up, the ridge became increasingly narrow and a few short pitches were needed.  We topped out and made our way to the summit of  Stob Coire Sgreamhach with good view down Loch Etive.

We made our decent down the north ridge towards Bienn Fhada as I had asked to practice short roping in decent.  The ridge gradually gets steeper and rockier until there are a few short rocky steps nearer the gully top to work around.  The rope was attached and off we went.  With the practice that I had had earlier in the day I was more efficient with my hand coils and varying the distance between myself and Paul.

We then made our way along Bienn Fhada and descended via a scree slope into Lairig Eilde .

Sron na Lairig – the slabs are on the bottom right with the Pinnacle section just after the flat grassy terrace in the center skyline, the route takes the skyline after the initial slabs.

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