One of those days.

With perfect weather we set off up to Pavey Ark.  Without a cloud in the sky we set off for the first route of the day a Stoat’s crack a 3 star HS to start with.  Helen led up and whilst on the first pitch had a wobble.  So with a constant flow of noisy people moving past me up Jack’s rake I started to second.  I lead past and through and ended up belaying a few meters into the 3rd pitch after climbing over very dirty rock and lichen.  Not really the best start to the day and with the rest of the route looking similar the decision was made to cut our losses and ab off.

We then went in search for other climbs along Jack’s rake but a similar conclusion was drawn.  Maybe too early in the season.  So with the psych gone, partly due to the dirty rock, crowds of people and the sun beating down we wondered to Raven crag.  Wanting to get something out of the day I lead up Mendes.  A very good climb.  With the first pitch which is simply described in the guide book I was a little surprised at having to pull a few moves.  With Helen up I lead up on the second.  This is a very fine pitch: steep, good holds and with a smattering of gear.  With both of us topped out we felt better and started to wonder off.  Realising that an ab was needed off a tree.

So not the best day in terms of getting things done, but ended well.  Ready for tomorrow!


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