Green Gully

Lena at the top of pitch 3

Looking like the best day weather wise this week Lena and myself headed up onto the Ben to have a look.  After reaching the lochans and seeing quite a lot of parties heading up we decided to gear up and see where they were headed.  Green Gully and Number Three Gully Buttress were the route choice for most.  But the times looked like they were going to work: with us reaching the base of the climb with the teams on the second pitch.  However on deciding to go for Green Gully a pair walked passed us in the same direction but we were happy to have a short wait.

At the base of the climb the snow/ice was firm with lots of steps from previous ascents.  It became evident that the pair in front were going to be slower than us, so I stuck a few screws in and sent Lena off.  She dispatched the first pitch with ease with good placement and screws.  I lead off the second pitch at a pace to try and get some distance in front of the others and brought Lena up.  The third pitch had a short steeping which Lena went up with out any bother.  There was quite a lot of debris flying down from parties above but nothing concerning.  The forth pitch had a slightly longer steepening which was great fun.  Then onto the final snow slope to the summit.

As soon as we were over the edge the wind hit us and we realised how sheltered we had been all day.  A quick sort of kit and down number 4 gully back into the shelter out of the wind with only the walk back to the car.  A good day.

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