Aonach Mor

Ken and Scott waiting to go up

Today Ken, Scott and myself had an easy day heading up Aonach Mor. After abseiling in to Easy gully we traversed across to the base of White Shark a 3 star IV,4 ice line. I lead the first pitch which was of grade given to the route. The snow/ice was compact in most places which meant that axe placements were good but ice screws were dubious. After 40m a belay was set and Ken and Scott came up.

Ken lead off the second pitch which had a steep section at the start of grade 5 standard for about 10 meters. After which a grade 2 snow slope lead to the cornice, which was huge, a good 8 feet high. Luckily for Ken someone had dug a rather useful hole through it which added to the enjoyment at the end of the route. All in all a good short sociable day (4 hours from car to car) and an enjoyable route.

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